Am Chef

latest single released: "Am Chef"

"Yes, i'm in the mood! For pretty much anything! Loving, music, dancing... you name it. This song is very special for me and my fans and I wanna thank you all for the massive support it has received.
Always be in the mood!"



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Am Chef

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Born in Bucharest, Romania, Anda Adam, marked very fast her possibilities in music, and the industry marked her very fast as one of the most promising artist at the time. For several years, Anda was the favorite studio voice for most powerful producers, the favorite show partner for the best artists , and the favorite media subject for TV, radio and press.

Her first album with Marius Moga ( Morandi ) had a strong impact with media. They are already aware of Anda's spectacular shows: 100% live with a very powerful voice, energy, amazing choreography and a very professional dance team. "Selecta" feat. Alex, was an instant HIT , followed by the climbing charts song ,"Ajutor".

"Nai,Nai", from the same "Confidential" album, brings a new featuring, this time with Bishop, being one of the favorite song at the moment ,getting heavy rotation all over radio stations, as well. "Ochii Mei", a successful song from "Confidential" album, has a very catchy video produced by Iulian Moga . Smiley and Randy brought their contribution too, matching very good Anda's musical style. As a result of all this good job done, Anda Adam won a Gold and Platinum Disc for sales.

Her participation to PRO TV show "Dancing with the Stars" reveals her unbelievable skills as a dancer , bringing up an image of an outstanding artist.

December 2008 - is the beginning of her collaboration with record company Media Pro Music.

January 2009 - just in a few months Anda released a new album "Queen of Hearts". 10 songs , pop-dance and R&B ,in romanian and english language.

"Punani", first single of this album, has a very dynamic video where Anda, besides her vocal qualities, shows amazing dance skill next to Deenice, one of Mariah Carey's dancers who traveled from Germany to be part of Anda's video.

The most representative song from "Queen of Hearts" album is still ..."My Soul" , being one of the most played songs on radio stations at the time.

Beginning of 2010, brings the release of Hit single " Love on You ", a great combination of dance/club with oriental style ,and a major change in Anda's musical career as well.

#1 song on radio charts all over the world, "Love on You" enters the Nielsen Chart and got airplay on radio stations in Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Greece, Holland, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, France, Turkey, Serbia, Cyprus, Cehia, Syria, Morocco, Dubai, Brazil, Switzerland, Brunei...

End of 2010 , Anda Adam got signed by record label ROTON (Warner Romania) , a great coordinator in her musical career. To complete her success, Anda's next singles "Cadillac", "Show Me" and "Trust" got the same #1 position in international radio charts in a few weeks after their release. "Feel", the single in 2011 had the potential of the summer Hit and the video completes this release.

At the end of 2011, Anda Adam releases the single and video "pAnda mAdam". The video was filmed on 5 continents and that makes it a very requested song all over the world and reflects two strong messages: the racial tolerance - "Be like Panda: black, white and asian!", and the other one - music and dance which always unite everybody around the world. Anda Adam, impressive talent and success have been recognized by her many awards and she is without a doubt a sought-after celebrity guest.

The beginning of 2012 immediately brought Anda Adam in the international charts. She released the song and video "Can U Feel Love", a collaboration with Portugal's DJ Kourosh Tazmini. The song was signed with the biggest portuguese record label, Vidisco, and also licensed by one of the biggest record company from Europe, Kontor TV (Germany). In Portugal, "Can U Feel Love" debuted straight on Top 10 Charts and after 2 weeks from its release, it reached #1 position in charts.

A new romanian single called "AMO" (a HaHaHa production) was released at the end of 2012, and the video received over 2 million views on Youtube, in less than 2 months since its release. It was the most successful single in Romania since "Selecta", and charted worldwide as well.

In September 2013, Anda Adam released another HaHaHa production single, called "Daca Ar Fi". The single had its premiere at Romanian Music Awards and a few days after, at Media Music Awards. The video was released same month and it got the most views on YouTube among Anda's videos.

In June 2014, a new single and video is released. "Poate Fata" is a track produced by HaHaHa Production, following the succes of the previous single "Daca Ar Fi". The video was directed by Florin Botea and the impact was so big that the video of this song got over 5 mil views in one month, on Youtube. Because of that, the song got a worldwide release as well and Anda Adam recorded the track in english and spanish ("Got Your Back" and "Para Siempre"). The videos for both tracks (english and spanish) are directed by Florin Botea as well, and the track got international radio airplay in Europe, South America and North America.

In September 2014, Anda Adam released a beautiful romanian ballad called "Gloante Oarbe", a track produced by Adrian Sina (Akcent). One month later, due to succes of the song in Romania, Anda shot the video for the single and this one was directed by Alex Ceausu, who directed some previous videos in the past for Anda. The video premiered in Romania in November. The single "Gloante Oarbe" entered in heavy rotation on Romania's most popular radio stations and the video was broadcasted on several musical TV stations from Romania.

In April 2015, Anda Adam collaborates with CRBL for a new track called "Seri De Mai" and this featuring is released with a new video directed by Alex Ceausu, who previously worked with Anda for many videos. "Seri De Mai" becomes an instant success on the radio stations and on TV. It is one of the most viewed video clips by Anda Adam on YouTube and one of the most listened tracks , being a Top Hit on Media Forest.

In June 2015, Anda gets married.

Summer of 2015 comes with a big news from Anda, she confirms she's pregnant, in the middle of July.

The end of 2015 summer marks another international release for Anda Adam. In september 2015, Anda releases "Save Me Tonight", a pop dance song with oriental influences, composed by Tudor Ionescu (Fly Project). The video is directed by Anthony Icuagu and the track is played on major radio stations from Dubai, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, Russia...

In October 2015, Anda Adam and Calin Ionescu (Rimaru - R.A.C.L.A) collaborates again for the first time in 16 years since Anda's first hit "Nu Ma Uita" from 1999. The song is called "Nu Te-am Uitat" which is a sequel of the previous hit and the video is directed again by all time collaborator, Alex Ceausu. The public is in love with this collaboration and the video got more than 2 million views in less than a month.

On November 30th, Anda gives birth to her daughter, Evelin.

In May 2016, after a short break for motherhood, Anda Adam returns into the recording studios. She performs in front of over 50.000 people at the biggest concert in Bucharest - Forza Zu.

In June 2016, Anda releases a new single and video called "Am Chef", a dance track produced by HaHaHa Production with a video directed by Bogdan Daragiu, a first time collaborator in Anda's career. "Am Chef" becomes an instant favourite song by the audience and the video gets over 2 million views on YouTube, in less than 1 month after its release. +40-723-315-180 +40-756-636-666